The OneCall Rank Methodology

Let us do the complex thinking to determine the best hybrid maintenance strategy for your IT estate list!

Optimized maintenance has never been so easy!

Optimize your maintenance strategy by letting us rank the devices in your IT estate. 

Rank 1 2 3 Timeline Graphic.pdf
Biggest and most accessible cost savings. You'd be crazy not to use OneCall!
No forfeiture of critical component support
Software updates have either ceased or are available separately.
Generally, legacy gear or gear is no longer supported by OEM directly.
Let’s have a conversation to strategize together about this gear.
How long do you plan to keep it in the network?
If you are standardizing on a specific software version, OneCall will likely make sense. Helps you avoid buying unnecessary updates at a premium.
Keep on OEM contracts and manage on OneHub (for FREE!).
This is newer gear dependent on the OEM for critical service elements like restricted software updates or license subscriptions.


Third-party maintenance can free you from the expensive and rigid handcuffs of OEM support


OneCall Service Level Agreements

What's the next step after ranking your devices fit for OneCall maintenance? We'll help you build a strategy for the best fit SLA for those devices you put on OneCall.

OneCall SLAs

It is that simple. We do the complex thinking, then provide you with a free and easy-to-understand list of Rank 1, 2, and 3 equipment. If you’d like your IT estate list ranked, reach out to your sales rep or shoot us a note at